What is AlgaeNutri?

AlgæNutri is a young company from Brest, created in 2017 by 2 women: Anne and Aurélie.

It is also a registered trademark of super products made from micro-algae, micro-algae extracts and plants. We manufacture our own products that are natural, ethical, sustainable and inspired by the values ​​of Slow Food (good, clean and fair). We emphasize the choice of common sense and respect. This is why we have decided to protect our brand and our recipes.

Photo des deux dirigeantes de l'entreprise

Who are we?

Anne, former salesperson and culinary advisor for more than 20 years. Anne continued her training and specialized in the field of health nutrition and food regulations. She now uses her skills to develop natural products based on micro-algae with respect for the most attentive and useful sourcing for consumers.

Anne Guerer, directrice et responsable réglementaire
Director and regulatory manager

Aurélie, a researcher for 16 years, has devoted her career to her passion: micro-algae. Aurélie now applies her fundamental knowledge of microalgae and their properties to the world of health and nutrition. Its goal: to offer consumers real products useful for health that keep the initial promises thanks to the use of processes that respect the raw material and by showing common sense.

"We pool our passion and our complementary skills to develop nutrition-health-pleasure products"

Aurélie Godrant Giboureau en train de courir, Directrice et responsable recherche et développement
Director and Head of Research and Development

Nutrition respected!

The products developed are manufactured with respect for the raw material, we offer the consumer products that fulfill all their original promises, with exceptional nutritional richness.

Our best weapons: an increased knowledge of the biology and chemistry of micro-algae, the choice of our raw material: an ORGANIC and French Spirulina, and that is very important, and rare enough to insist on this dot!

Cocktail sucré jaune avec quelques gouttes de spiruline française BIO

Health first:

Our products use active and useful molecules for the human body. These are not drugs. These are supplements made with active ingredients on human health and in compliance with the initial promises (supporting clinical and scientific studies).

Added pleasure!

Let's not forget a very important parameter in nutrition: pleasure!

Our products are dietary supplements to mix with your daily food

AlgæNutri products are made with organic food or from responsible agriculture in order to make the most of the taste, nutritional and active qualities of food.

Recette du bol rose avec une cuillère remplie de spiruline française en poudre