Femme active souriante

Delphine, active woman and mum - 40 years old
After being infected with Covid-19 on All Saints Day, my husband and I were very tired, we felt drained of all energy. We had heard of Spiloe, so we thought why not give it a try. After a few days of treatment, we felt less tired. I resumed running and it was as if I had never stopped. No pain and above all a very good physical recovery. The more I went running the more I increased the km and the more I wanted to go and do sports so much that I felt good. No more fatigue, I slept well, a feeling of well being... In short, I felt great. I highly recommend spiloe. Do not hesitate you will not be disappointed. For my part, I am doing a cure in the spring!
I want Delphine's cure!

Femme qui marche au bord de la mer en souriant
Clémence, Scientist - 26 years old
I have tested the SPILOE cures several times. The most impressive effect was following a fall where my anterior ankle ligament ruptured resulting in inflammation and intense pain affecting my entire physical and mental body. This inflammation persisted for 3 months. After treatment and rehabilitation (generally more painful than effective), the results were very negative: the only option left was surgery. So I decided to use the cures of this Breton and French company. I didn't have much to lose.
I started my cure on a Monday, the next day my ankle no longer had pain from exhaustion, I felt the circulation more fluid and a lightness than I didn't. hadn't smelled for 3 months. The detox cure had acted by freeing me from the inflammation to leave the joint free. One week was enough to give me hope, I was able to resume walking and working without the excruciating pain that followed. My physiotherapist then told me some good news for the progress of my rehabilitation. Thank you very much, from now on I will no longer spend three months in pain, I will take a cure of blue gold with innovative properties!

Homme de dos avec une chemise à carreaux
Jean-Pierre, Retired nurse - 80 years old
After a few months of illness, being very weak, I was advised to take a SPILOE treatment. After 1 week of treatment I already felt a sense of well-being, my appetite returned, the fatigue began to subside. At the end of the cure, I was able to resume all my activities normally. I am satisfied to have known SPILOE.

Enseignante retraitée souriant les bras croisés

Marie, Retired teacher - 68 years old
I took a Spiloe treatment after attending a conference. I didn't know Phycocyanin and I didn't know you could drink Aloe Vera. I am on treatment for my rheumatoid arthritis but I have regular pain flare-ups. I decided to do a cure right after a blood test.And I redid a blood test right after my treatment, and the results were incredible: I felt less pain, more lightness as they talk about in the conference But in addition, my test results were better: less inflammation, and increased platelets! I am doing a second cure because I am very satisfied with the result.
I want the cure of Mary!

Homme avec un casque de vélo sur la tête
Arnaud, Triathlete - 32 years old
Spiloe is a training partner. He accompanied me in my bone reconstruction, and this in a very spectacular way according to the specialists. The benefits of Spiloe have also favored my recovery after large blocks of training, and also close to my objectives in order to refine my preparation as well as possible until D-Day.
I want Arnaud's cure!

Femme assise au bord de son canapé, une boisson à la main
Céline, Female entrepreneur - 34 years old
I chose to test the Spiloe cure, for my persistent eczema, especially on my hands: I was impressed to see the results in a few days, on my skin. The healing of the wounds was done quickly at the start of treatment, I found comfort with a clear reduction in itching. At the end of the cure, I found my skin normal, supple and nourished.
I want Celine's cure!